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Still unsure exactly what you need to do to prepare for Brexit?
Head spinning with all the detailed public information on how to prepare?

We have produced a series of short videos (1st one less than 7 mins!) based on our knowledge of our clients and what is generally required for the majority of businesses.  Whilst there is a lot of documentation and detailed information publicly available, we have sought to significantly simplify the key points that are really relevant to the majority of businesses that are buying and selling goods with the EU.  We know business owners are busy, so these short videos will give you all the key points to take away and consider.

Video 1 – Importing into the UK after Brexit 

Watch our short video below outlining the key steps that every business needs to take if they are importing goods into the UK.  After 31 December, the import process will be different, and it is important that you consider the critical aspects that will affect your business, in order to maintain your supply chain successfully into 2021.  Security of chain is more important than ever at the present time – if you’re importing goods, watching this short video is a must-do action!


Download 'Importing goods from the EU flowchart' (as displayed in the video)

Download 'Importing goods from EU detailed guide'

Video 2 – Exporting to the EU after Brexit 

The second in our short video series sets out the key actions that every business needs to take if they are exporting goods from the UK to the EU.  Deal or No Deal, exporting will be different from January 1st, so make sure you're not caught out. Timing delays, trade terms and tax changes are just three of the crucial aspects covered in this session.  If you're overwhelmed by the complexity of checklists and documents from the government, watching this short video will provide a clear roadmap to being "Brexit ready"!


Download 'Exporting goods to the EU flowchart' (as displayed in the video)

Download 'Exporting goods to the EU detailed guide'

Video 3 – Your Brexit questions answered

Dive deeper into some of the key questions we have received from clients in our third and final video of the series as we explain how some of the changes will work practically covering topics such as VAT, Duty and Trade terms.


If you need assistance or have any questions regarding Brexit and the impacts on your business, please reach out on 024 7667 3160 or email and we will be happy to talk.

Disclaimer: We have produced these short videos with the aim of simplifying the key points to communicate to businesses affected by Brexit. They are based on buying/selling goods within Europe and the content is general in nature with the intent of clear and simple communication. However, you may need to consider some of the other detailed documentation detailed on website (and other related sources of help) that may be relevant to your business, and we would advise that you perform a detailed review of the full guidance. No action should be taken without consulting the detailed legislation or seeking professional advice. Therefore no responsibility for loss occasioned by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the material contained in these videos (including associated information on our website – can be accepted by the authors or the firm (Oldfield Advisory LLP).