Angus Brewer Senior Consultant

Maintaining sales and momentum is a constant battle, and one that continues every day.  You can’t afford to let up for even just one day. In this article, Consultant Angus Brewer discusses 6 strategies to help you stay on track. 

Sales are the engine of your business – they need to keep pumping to continually drive the business forward.  Otherwise, your business will slow down, and eventually stop.
Think about the pistons of an engine – what you require in a car, or an engine, is that each cylinder has to be working in perfect harmony and order, otherwise that engine and that vehicle is completely useless and inefficient.  

If it’s a six-cylinder engine and you know one of the cylinders is not operating effectively then the whole engine is ineffective – it can’t operate a maximum efficiency with a defective part.  The engine can’t operate, if it is a six-cylinder engine, it can’t operate efficiently on five 

So, taking the six-cylinder analogy a step further, here are 6 strategies for you to consider. They apply and are relevant to every business, whether they are a manufacturer, wholesaler, distribution, or service-based business:

Clear visualsIf your sales team can’t see whether they are winning or losing, then there will be no sales drive.

Set realistic targetsNothing can be more demotivating than having sales targets so high they are unattainable.  By setting targets that are a solid mix of ambitious, stretching, but crucially achievable, will mean that you stand more chance of success.  

Reward and incentiviseEveryone is motivated by something.  Find out what makes your sales teams buzz.  Put a clear incentive structure in place, but make sure it is easily understood - complex incentives/bonus structures that are unclear where no-one knows how they can influence, or where they are sitting personally as the month/quarter proceeds will lead to frustration and demotivation – the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve!

Marketing machineEnsure your marketing machine is aligned with your firm and sales goals, and you have clear metrics of activities and inputs.  Marketing and communications are key to keeping your sales momentum – never give up marketing, even when it feels busy!

Communication is crucial to successKeep talking about how sales are doing.  Keep all staff informed as to any challenges there are in the firm that could be impacting sales.  Get them involved in discussions around how to overcome any roadblocks or constraints.  Keep getting feedback from the team who are at the coalface speaking to and visiting customers – stay tuned and stay relevant.  Keep communicating to your customers too – if you have good stocks, don’t forget to keep telling your customers.  If you are launching new products, don’t forget to tell your customers.  If you are offering promotions/offers, don’t forget to tell your customers.

Follow up, follow up, follow upWe all know that following up opportunities that come in is paramount to achieving that ultimate sales goal.  Relentless follow-up and follow through on each enquiry and potential opportunity is a culture – embed it into processes and metrics and your methodology but ensure that the whole team are behind that principle.  When deals are won as a result of this relentless follow up, share with the team to demonstrate the power of this phenomenal weapon.

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